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Feeney Fellows 2013

The first Feeney Fellowships were awarded to Elizabeth Rowe and Pritam Singh.

Elizabeth works with printed matter such as newspapers, magazines, postcards and other found materials to create collages, drawings and prints.

Pussy Riot by Elizabeth Rowe
Pussy Riot by Elizabeth Rowe

Pritam is a composer, vocalist and tabla player in the classical Indian music tradition, who also performs with musicians from other genres: Rock, Punk, Western Jazz, African and Middle Eastern.

Feeney Fellows 2013 final reports:

Elizabeth Rowe's final report (PDF)

Pritam Singh's final report (Word)

In selecting the 2013 Fellows the trustees chose Birmingham artists whose talents they wanted to see develop and whose proposals would expose the artist to a significant new and external influence or expertise. In neither case would the project be possible without the Feeney Trust's support, and both promise to have a positive impact on the artist’s future work in Birmingham.

Elizabeth explained:

"The Feeney Fellowship will give me the opportunity to explore a new printmaking process called photo etching. This will enable me to produce a series of large billboard-style prints that will be exhibited at a Metro station in Lyon, one of Birmingham's twinned cities. It is envisaged that the connections made through the project will open up networks between creative communities in Birmingham and Lyon."

Pritam added:

"The Feeney Fellowship will allow me to develop my career by working alongside Jazz musicians; learning, creating and composing new hybrid music through blending Indian Ragas/rhythms with the vibrant sound and razzmatazz of a Jazz orchestra. My educational workshops will inspire musicians and students in schools to adapt a cross-cultural and diverse approach to music, and I hope that with the Feeney Fellowship I can further develop my career as a composer."

Elizabteh Rowe
Elizabeth Rowe

Pritam Singh
Pritam Singh


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