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Gifts to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery by the John Feeney Trust

Many of these works are viewable on the Birmingham Museums website. Click any underlined gallery number to see them.

Paintings and drawings

All to the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.


Thames at Richmond, by George Hilditch
Watercolour, cost £250.
Gallery number: 1913P13
Formerly attributed to John Constable


Phyllis & Demophoon, by Edward Burne-Jones
Watercolour, cost £474
Gallery number: 1916P37


An Alpine Valley and
Lake and Town of Nemi, by John Robert Cozens 
Watercolours, cost £300
Gallery numbers: 1920P95 and 1920P96


The Quay Side, Newport, Isle of Wight, by Peter de Wint
Gallery number: 1921P87

St Privé, by Henri Joseph Harpignies
Gallery number: 1921P86
Watercolours, cost £800

In Cornwall (portrait of the artist's wife), and
Arrival at Epsom Downs for Derby week, by Sir Alfred Munnings
Oil, cost £170
Gallery number: 1921P85

Works by Francis Towne, cost £350:

9 watercolours
Ambleside (or Lake Windermere from Ambleside), gallery number: 1921P60
Bala Lake or Llyn Tegid N Wales, 1921P88
Chepstow Castle, 1921P90
View of Ludlow Castle, 1921P90
View at head of Lake Windermere, 1921P91
Cascades at Tivoli, 1921P95
Grasmere from the Rydal Road, 1921P92
View of mountains near Aberddwla, Wales, 1921P93

And 2 drawings
Near Glarus Switzerland, 1921P96
Pont Aberglaslyn, 1921P97


Morgan le Fey, by Frederick Sandys
Oil, cost £372
Gallery number: 1925P104


Blue and Silver, by David Muirhead
Oil, cost £150
Gallery number: 1931M957


Christ as the Man of Sorrows, by Petrus Christus
Oil, cost £125
Gallery number: 1935P306


Beauty & the Beast, by John Dickson Batten
Tempera, cost £275
Gallery number: 1936P322


The Orchard, by Henry Tonks
Oil, cost £75
Gallery number: 1938P261

The Watermill, by Meindert Hobbema
Oil, cost £1,100
Gallery number: 1938P260


The Posy, by Philip Wilson Steer
Gallery number: 1945P62

Portrait of the Artist's mother, by Joseph Southall
Gallery number: 1945P63
Oils, cost £600


View of Ancient Rome, and
View of Modern Rome during the Carnival, by Samuel Palmer
Gallery numbers: 1946P15 and 1946P16


Bewdley, by John Constable
Drawing, cost £75
Gallery number: 1947P13

Study of trees (Peamore, Devon), by John White Abbott
Watercolour, cost £80
Gallery number: 1947P14


Susanna and the Elders, by Sir Peter Lely
Oil, cost £600
Gallery number: 1948P23


Embarkation of the Earl of Manchester in Venice, by Luca Carlevaris
Oil, cost £800
Gallery number: 1949P46


The Travelling Companions, by Augustus Leopold Egg
Oil, cost £950
Gallery number: 1956P7
To mark 50th anniversary of the trust


The Wife's Remonstrance, by James Campbell
Oil, cost £700
Gallery number: 1958P8
Formerly attributed to Millais: the Poacher's Wife


Firework Display at the Castel Sant' Angelo, by Joseph Wright of Derby
Oil, cost £650
Gallery number: 1961P34
In honour of Pope Pius VI: 1774


Metamorphosis of Birmingham, by Edmund Franklin White
Oil, cost £100
Gallery number: 1964P32

Other objects

To the Museums and Art Gallery unless otherwise indicated.


Casts collection, including the friezes from the Parthenon and the Mausoleum (Halicarnassus?); most given to Perth and other art schools (1933)
Cost: £3,000


À Beckett Terrell Collection of Empire Combs and frontlets
Cost £600
Gallery numbers: 1922M303-428


Story of Judah and Tamar, by Sheldon Workshop
Tapestry, cost £473
Gallery number: 1923M21


Chase collection of birds and eggs
Cost £3,500
Gallery number: 1924Z18


Elizabethan Walnut table
Cost £550
Gallery number: 1952M43


Historic Chinese ceramics, cost: £433:
Tea bowl, gallery number: 1952M63
Pair of dishes, 1952M64.1 - 2
Jar, 1952M67
Figure of a mourne, 1952M66


Feeney silver cups, by Robert Rowe or Eric Clements
Cost £750
Gallery number: AG3


Bronze sculpture of a beast, by Elizabeth Frink
Cost £1,800
Gallery number: 1963P4


Cinquecento walnut table support
Cost £850
Gallery number: 1972M74


Presentation clock and barometer, by Elkington & Co
Silver, cost £2,500
Gallery number: 1983M87


Extra for centenary gift of silver
Cost £500


Metalwork, by Christopher Dresser, cost £778
Lamp, gallery number: 1985M40.1
Lid, 1985M40.2
Kettle, 1985M40.3
Wick, 1985M40.4
Stand, 1985M40.5
Weight, 1985M40.6
Silver plate tea kettle stand & claret jug?

Total: £25,030

Acquisitions for which the John Feeney Charitable Trust gave a modest contribution towards the cost


Collection of English and Continental Pottery and porcelain, formed by Mr C J Moon of Folkestone
Cost £200
Gallery numbers: 1931M753-957


Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints and Donor, by Giovanni Bellini
Oil, cost £1,000
Gallery number: 1977P227


Warwick Castle, East Front from the Outer Court and
Warwick Castle, East Front from the Courtyard, by Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto)
Oil, cost £1,000
Gallery numbers: 1978P173 and 1978P174


Portrait of Mary Endicott (d.1957), Mrs Joseph Chamberlain, by John Everett Millais 
Oil, cost £5,000
Gallery number: 1989P60


Portrait of Dr John Ash (1723-1798), by Joshua Reynolds
Oil, cost £5,000
Gallery number: 2012.0194


Portrait of Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), by Joseph Wright of Derby
Oil, cost £5,000
Gallery number: 2013.0049


The Good Shepherd, designed by Edward Burne-Jones and produced by James Powell & Sons
Stained and painted glass, contribution £2,500
Gallery number 2001L5

Total gifts: £44,730

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